Compostable Mailers

Compostable Mailers

Reusable 100% home compostable mailers (envelopes or courier bags). Available in 3 sizes and with a minimum order of only 100 mailers for small and medium and 50 for large.

These strong self-sealing mailers come with a matt white finish on the outside. Labels will stick firmly to the surface without covering the clear green statement. A black finish on the inside ensures no transparency.

1,70 kr.4,60 kr.

The compostable mailers are flat (some stretch possible) with a 50mm flap (not included in the bag sizes). Even though they behave like regular plastic mailers, they are far from them. They are a step forward in sustainable packaging solutions.

Defining Features:
  • Our compostable mailers are tested to make sure they meet the most stringent standards in the business. They are certified both home and industrially compostable.
  • The mailers are heat welded all around ensuring no water can get through to the inside. Only the small gaps left when closing the flap will allow a small amount of water inside, if completely submerged.
  • The mailers are strong despite only being 63 microns thick. In some cases, stronger than some traditional plastic mailers. Even using both hands people struggle to tear the mailers.
  • The compostable mailers go through various toxicity tests. This insures they don’t harm humans when in use or the environment when composting.
  • With a clear green statement, an easy to read 5-point story of the mailer and a QR-code linked to a disposal guide. There will be no doubt in your customers mind, that this mailer is different.
If you are unsure of which mailer fits your purpose, try a Sample Pack. 

Shelf life of the mailers is at least 9 months if the mailers are stored optimally. You can read more about how to ensure maximum longevity of the mailers here.

Buy Compostable Mailers in Bulk

If you are looking at ordering more than 1,000 compostable mailers of any size, then we can offer you a discount on our website prices. Please contact us at if this applies to you.


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