Disposal Guide

How to Dispose of Compostable Mailers 

There are a number of different use cases for the mailer after its primary purpose has been served. Below you find a list of ideas as inspiration, as well as guide to correct composting of the mailer.
Note, this guide also serves as a general guide in how to dispose of compostable packaging, not just mailers.

  • Use it again to return an unwanted/damaged item to the seller, by using the secondary adhesive strip on the flap to seal the mailer again.
  • Use it again to send something else, just remove the shipping label if it’s not compostable. If it is compostable, save yourself some time and stick the new label on top.
  • Use it as weed matting in your garden by cutting the seams along the sides. It will eventually decompose, but until then it’s free weed matting.
  • Use it to grow seedlings.
  • Use it as your green kitchen waste bag.
  • Use it as the carry bag for all things going into your home compost.

Dispose of Compostable Packaging

With the limited lifespan of compostable packaging, it’s soon time to dispose of it. If you have run out of use cases for the packaging, it’s time. Or if the packaging shows signs of weakening, it’s time to dispose of it. Whatever the case may be, the best solution is always to compost it. Any composting will do, both indoor and outdoor home composting as well as industrial.
Remember to remove any tape, stickers and labels, unless you are sure they are compostable. Any other non-compostable materials added to the packaging in its life also has to go. If you are not sure whether a material is compostable or not, we can help you figure it out.
Look for these certificates or suitable terms to verify if the material is compostable.

Start a Home Compost

An easy and sustainable way to dispose of compostable packaging is with a home compost. If you don’t have a home compost, this is a great occasion to start one. Sites like Good House Keeping and Gardening Know How offer comprehensive guides.
They help you get started with composting in your garden or inside your apartment. Giving you the composting need to knows and a couple of tips and tricks. If you are not interested in starting a compost at home, the mailer can go in the same bin as your food waste. Or, you can dispose of it at a municipal composting facility.

Please do not try to recycle the mailer, it’s not recyclable. It has to be removed from a recycling system, to ensure it does not end up complicating a recycling process.

The thin plastic strip protecting the adhesive is not compostable. Please dispose of these with regular plastics.