About Us

A flat white Compackable compostable mailer on wood table.

How It Started

We started working on Compackable in the autumn of 2019. In the beginning we didn’t plan on creating a packaging company. We were working on a previous endeavor that relied on compostable mailers. Whilst working on this project we discovered something. Compostable packaging is expensive and unattainable for most small to medium sized businesses. And if that packaging needs to be custom made with a company logo, it’s even more out of reach for most.

Friendly Advice

For some time, we pondered over what to do next, until a friend looked at us and simply said. “If it’s so difficult to source, then why don’t you just make it yourself?” He was right! We had to make sustainable packaging universally accessible, for businesses of all sizes. It would be more beneficial for us, the environment and other businesses, so that’s what we did. The first product we have developed is the compostable mailer and much more is to come.
A white Compackable compostable mailer laying in green grass.

Time for a Change

Working in this industry has made us realize something. Offering sustainable packaging at an affordable price alone won’t solve plastic pollution. For us to make a difference, people need to see the value in choosing it instead of traditional plastic packaging. And so, we at Compackable believe it’s time for a change. We as a society need to change the way we value our planets resources. We must leave the old model of a linear economy (make, use, dispose) behind, in favour of a new model, a circular economy. It maximizes the value extracted from resources whilst a product is in use. And in the end, materials are either recycled or left to compost, completing the circle.


We make sustainable packaging available for any size business. Providing them with a cheap and convenient plastic alternative. Our products are always evolving to fit the needs of customers and the environment. Thus making the environmentally conscious choice, the obvious choice.


We aim to prove that making the environmentally conscious choice is not only good for the planet, it’s profitable. And in the process, change people’s view of plastic as a disposable material. Viewing it instead as a resource we should use very carefully. Opting for sustainable materials whenever possible. In doing so, we strive to not just inspire an industry, but to inspire people to think circular.

Compackable - Think Circular