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Bio Fill

Reusable, 100% industrially compostable bio fill (void fill). Available in bags of 440 L with a minimum order of just 1 bag.

Bio fill is made without the use of toxic chemicals. It offers the same level of shock absorbing as flamingo and EPS, but without the environmental harm. 

300,00 kr.

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Product QuantityPrice per Unit
1 - 3300,00 kr.
4+260,00 kr.
Bio fill has a cylindric form, a size of 25 x 15 mm and comes in white. It mimics the good properties of traditional flamingo and EPS, but without the same environmental impact as them.  It is a step forward in sustainable packaging void fill.

Defining Features:
  • Our bio fill is tested to make sure it meets the most stringent standards in the business. It is certified industrially compostable.
  • In addition to being compostable, bio fill also dissolves completely in water, even cold tap water.
  • Bio fill is antistatic making it suitable for silo- and filling systems.
  • Bio fill contains zero toxic chemicals. It is made of corn granules, herbal extractions and water.
  • Each bag of bio fill comes with a small stack of cards containing the necessary info end-users need in order to dispose of it correctly. Every time bio fill is used, just put one of these cards inside the box.
Shelf life of bio fill is at least 3 years if stored optimally. You can read more about how to ensure maximum longevity of bio fill here.

Buy Bio Fill in Bulk

If you are looking at ordering more than 30 bags of bio fill, then we can offer you a discount on our website prices. Please contact us at if this applies to you.